Strategic Priorities

by ChildFund Alliance

Working Together to Address Emerging Threats to Children’s Safety: Strategic Plan 2022-2025

To achieve their full potential and realize their rights, children must be safe and protected from violence and abuse. ChildFund Alliance’s current priorities, detailed in a four-year plan, aim to make this a reality by addressing emerging and increasing threats to children’s safety.

New and evolving risks are currently affecting millions of children, and will affect exponentially more in the future, if left unaddressed. These threats include increasing risks in the digital environment, in extreme weather related events, and in violent armed conflicts, among others.

All of these put the world’s children in danger of long-lasting harm and at risk of child labor, sexual and physical abuse, child marriage, gender-based violence, neglect, and trafficking.

Over the next couple of years, our work will focus on new and emerging threats in the digital environment. Children leverage digital technology to socialize, communicate, learn, and play—all essential to their well-being and development. Yet, these same technologies leave them vulnerable to significant risks including sexual violence and abuse, discrimination, hate speech, cyberbullying, and privacy invasions.

As we work to address emerging threats to children’s safety online, we commit to building upon our previous advocacy work aimed at ending violence against children, providing child protection in humanitarian emergencies, and supporting children’s efforts to meaningfully participate in decisions affecting their lives.

Strategic Priority 1: Addressing Emerging Threats to Children’s Safety

  • Strengthen our long-standing commitment to end violence against children and positively impact children’s lives by tackling risks that are currently affecting millions of children and that are projected to impact exponentially more children in the future.

Strategic Priority 2: Working Together as One

  • Operate according to eight principles that inspire us, keep us aligned, and guide our collective decision making to better tackle the challenges facing children today.

Strategic Priority 3: Building Partnerships for Sustainable Impact and Growth

  • Develop increased cooperative efforts across the Alliance to create new, long-term partnerships with those who share our determination to create a safer future for children.