ChildFund Alliance is a network of 11 child-focused development organizations working in 70 countries around the world. The Alliance helps nearly 23 million children and their families to overcome poverty.

Governance & Ethics

by ChildFund Alliance

Governance standards

ChildFund is an affiliate member of Accountable Now.

Each member of ChildFund Alliance is governed by a voluntary board of directors. Board members are experts in their fields who give their time and knowledge to ensure high standards are maintained at each organization.

The board of each Alliance member acts as the organization’s governing body, in charge of reviewing financial statements and program activities. Major decisions on new activities are brought before the board, and once plans are underway, the board will conduct reviews to check progress and make adjustments to the activities if necessary.

ChildFund Alliance Governance Standards (PDF)

Program Code of Ethics

Each member organization is bound to uphold program standards that guarantee that projects are focused on children and encourage the empowerment, training and involvement of the communities they help. Each Alliance member establishes clear and honest policies and procedures for monitoring and accountability to ensure that all programs are as effective as possible.

ChildFund Alliance Program Standards (PDF)

Child Safeguarding Policy Guidelines

The child safeguarding policy guidelines set forth our core values and commitments to children in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These values and commitments define ChildFund’s collective identity, establish our accountability, require adherence to the highest standards and promote an organizational environment supportive of our work to ensure children’s protection, rights and well-being.

Child Safeguarding Policy Guidelines (PDF)

Fundraising Code of Ethics

ChildFund Alliance has strict fundraising standards, to which each member organization must adhere. These standards ensure efficiency, minimized administrative overhead, proper stewardship of funds and contributions, and complete accuracy and honesty in all fundraising activities, public statements and advertising.

ChildFund Alliance Fundraising Standards (PDF)

ChildFund Alliance Amended and Restated Bylaws

ChildFund Alliance Amended and Restated Bylaws
Articles of Incorporation of ChildFund Alliance