by ChildFund Alliance

The Principles of Working Together as One

Members of ChildFund Alliance operate according to eight principles that inspire us, keep us aligned, and guide our collective decision making so we can increase our impact by working together as one. As members of ChildFund Alliance:

  1. We focus on the rights and safety of children first – we partner with children, and prioritize their protection from all forms of violence, while elevating their voices and promoting their development, well-being and participation; as evidenced by our collective missions that emphasize inclusivity of all children, their families and their communities.
  2. We commit to transparency and responsiveness in our work with each other, and with others; as evidenced by all members conforming with independently audited shared standards, policies and codes of conduct, and accountability to those we serve, our donors, and stakeholders.
  3. We leverage our global network to tackle the challenges facing children today; as evidenced by advocating for and with children at family, local, national, and global levels, and we work towards building a world that is safe for children.
  4. We respect and listen to our staff and implementing partners, embracing the knowledge gained through diversity; as evidenced by empowering people to make and own decisions so they can more effectively and efficiently deliver impact to children.
  5. We grow through experimentation and learning, as evidenced by sharing our best practices, lessons learned, and insights from evidenced-based programs through inter-member working groups.
  6. We respect individual identity, and over and above this, we see our combined greater strength when working together as one, as evidenced by honoring consistent messaging and brand guidelines for ChildFund.
  7. We care deeply for the earth and how its health impacts children and future generations, as evidenced by programs and shared standards that care for the environment and mitigate against harm.
  8. We drive collaboration over purely independent operating models, as evidenced by increasing bilateral and multilateral initiatives amongst members.