by ChildFund Alliance

Simon Whyte, President, ChildFund Alliance

ChildFund Rugby helps young people practice the skills they need to keep safe in a rapidly changing environment and supports global efforts to achieve gender equality and end all forms of violence against children.

Brett Gosper, former CEO, World Rugby

We awarded the tournament to Japan because we knew that it could be a powerful game-changer for sporting and social change in Asia. As a transformational rugby for good program, ChildFund Pass It Back is the perfect embodiment of that objective and we are excited about the impact rugby can have for thousands of children within the world’s most populous and youthful continent.

Margaret Sheehan, CEO, ChildFund Australia

Through the partnership with World Rugby, ChildFund will reach more marginalized young people in Asia – girls, children from poor communities, young people living in rural and remote areas who have never had the opportunity to take part in organized sport before. So ChildFund is proud and excited to be part of this major global initiative to improve the lives of impoverished children in Asia.

Charlotte Caslick, OAM, Aussie Sevens star and Olympic gold medallist

This is a fantastic initiative helping thousands of children across Asia. It’s showing that rugby is so much more than just a game. It can help people through the toughest of times and put them on a new path.

Nicole Beck, OAM, Aussie Sevens star and Olympic gold medallist

It is a privilege to travel to these communities and support the development of new talent. I am particularly impressed that in Laos and Vietnam, where rugby is a relatively new sport, so many girls and young women are jumping in and giving it a go.

John Eales, AM, captain of the 1999 Rugby World Cup-winning Wallabies

I’ve just returned from Laos where I experienced firsthand the power of rugby in sharing sports, leadership and life skills with children who face challenges many of us here in Australia cannot imagine. It’s great to see so many girls and young women getting involved in the program, which has a strong emphasis on gender equality – over 50 per cent of all players and coaches involved in ChildFund Pass It Back are female, which is amazing.

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