ChildFund Korea provides financial, physical, and emotional support for children with mental and physical damage, and actively works to make the world a happier place for children.

ChildFund Korea

Headquarters: Korea
Active: in 30 countries

ChildFund Korea is one of the most influential international nongovernmental organizations in the Republic of Korea working for the welfare of children.

ChildFund Korea started its relief work in 1948 under the name of Christian Children’s Fund (later became ChildFund Alliance). ChildFund Korea expanded its programs to child protection and has played a crucial role in developing child welfare systems. It has continuously looked after children in poverty and their rights.

The scope of ChildFund Korea ranges from domestic to overseas, including in North Korea. In its domestic programs, ChildFund Korea not only provides financial, physical and emotional support for children with mental and physical disabilities, but also focuses on child rights advocacy projects and raises public awareness on the importance of child rights and participation. Our work led to domestic policy changes regarding child legal issue and had a huge impact of Korean welfare system. ChildFund Korea has engaged in various activities to promote the rights of children at home with 20 regional offices, six child protection centers, foster care centers, and 12 regional social welfare centers.

ChildFund Korea’s professionalism and commitment to the protection of children are widely known in the Republic of Korea and internationally. ChildFund Korea is proud of being part of the international efforts to fight for the children’s rights as a ChildFund Alliance member.