Je-Hoon Lee, President, ChildFund Korea

by ChildFund Alliance

Je Hoon received his Bachelor’s degree in history and Master’s degree in journalism from Seoul National University, and completed a Journalism Fellowship at the University of Michigan. He is the former president and publisher of JoongAng Ilbo, one of the three major daily newspapers in Korea. He also served as president of the Before Babel Brigade (BBB) Korea, which provides translation and interpretation services with the help of volunteers, and as chairman of Board of Directors of Gyeonggi Volunteer Centre.

He was recently called to serve as senior advisor for BBB Korea. He is president of Volunteering Korea, vice chairman of Korean Council of Children’s Organizations, Korea National Council on Social Welfare, and Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation. He also serves as a member of the Presidential Committee on Social Cohesion. Je Hoon served on the board of ChildFund Korea from March 2001 to March 2008 and was chairman of Board of Directors from March 2008. He was appointed as President of ChildFund Korea in 2010.