Gaza: there is not enough water for survival

November 7, 2023 by WeWorld

In Gaza, the humanitarian crisis is worsening every day due to the incessant hostilities.

Water scarcity is putting the civilian population, half of whom are children, at further risk. Between 21-26 October, Gazans had access to just 1-3 liters of water per person per day.

In addition to severely limiting access to this vital resource, the current crisis is creating urgent healthcare and hygiene needs. Since 21 October, only 26 trucks supplied with water and basic medical supplies have entered Gaza, a number too small to guarantee the survival of its inhabitants.

ChildFund Alliance member WeWorld and other non-government organizations are calling for:

  • An immediate ceasefire to ensure the protection of civilians and the unhindered delivery of essential goods, including water, to and within the Gaza Strip.
  • All parties to respect international humanitarian law, which requires the protection of civilians and the protection from harm of infrastructure essential to the survival of the civilian population, including water and sanitation infrastructure.
  • A significant increase in the daily number of humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza, in order to bring an increased supply of water and sanitation resources to meet the growing needs of the local population. Humanitarian aid must include personal, household, and public hygiene items, cleaning products and spare parts and materials needed for urgent repairs of war-damaged water infrastructure.
  • All parties to agree to the immediate supply of fuel to Gaza. This is essential to reactivate and strengthen the essential water and sanitation infrastructure necessary for the survival of Gaza’s civilian population.
  • All Israeli-sourced water to be restored unconditionally, freely, and continuously to Gaza through the three Mekorot water supply lines.
  • Protection of the communities of Area C in the West Bank from the risk of forced transfers and the perpetrators of violence against these communities to be held accountable. We call for an end to restrictions on the movement of Palestinian communities in the West Bank, to allow these vulnerable communities access to goods and services.

Read the full statement.

Photos: Naaman Oman/APA Images

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