Youngkey Hwang, Executive Chairman, ChildFund Korea

by Larissa Tuohy

Youngkey Hwang was elected the 10th Executive Chairman of ChildFund Korea by its board of directors in June 2022, bringing to the role over 30 years of extensive experience in corporations, finance, and investment industries.

Mr. Hwang had a long career as CEO and Chairman of Samsung Group Companies, Korean financial holdings groups, and advocacy associations. Most recently, he served as Chairman of Korea Financial Investment Association. Previously, he served as Chairman of Korea-America Association and as President of Seoul Scholarship Foundation and Korea Student Aid Foundation.

He made significant contributions to expanding learning opportunities of higher education for Korean students and participated in volunteer activities for children with severe disabilities at a special facility operated by ChildFund Korea.

Mr. Hwang currently serves as a senior director and chairman of ESG committee at the board of Hanhwa Life Insurance Company and a member of ESG Practice Group of Shin & Kim, a leading Korean law firm where he serves as a non-standing senior advisor. He earned his bachelor’s degree in International Economics from Seoul National University and completed his postgraduate study at the London School of Economics, where he obtained an M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance in 1981.