Web Safe & Wise

During the last three decades, we have seen significant progress in advancing children’s rights to survival, opportunity, and protection, as well as their right to speak on matters affecting their lives.

A significant factor in improving the well-being of children and youth is digital connectivity. It has increased their access to information and learning resources, and has expanded opportunities for social and civic engagement. Conversely, however, the rapid expansion in digital technologies is exposing children to an increasing range of threats to their safety and wellbeing.

Globally, laws and policies to keep young people safe online are insufficient and inconsistent. This threatens children’s ability to access the positive benefits the internet offers, while also being protected from potential dangers.

As part of the Alliance’s FY22-25 Strategic Plan, Working Together to Address Emerging Threats to Children’s Safety, ChildFund has launched WEB Safe & Wise. This new initiative will focus on addressing the risks emerging in the digital environment, while empowering children and young people to become effective digital citizens.