Power to the People

by ChildFund New Zealand / Member Spotlight

How ChildFund has used solar and hydropower to transform a community in rural Zambia.

In the south-east corner of Zambia lies the district of Luangwa. At its eastern-most tip is Luangwa town, ostensibly a port town in a country that has no sea. Boats ply across the Zambesi and Luangwa Rivers that intersect here: look left, and there’s Mozambique; look right, Zimbabwe. Until recently, its potential as a trade post has been hampered by poor access. But now a new road has been built connecting this area to markets.

Small Voices, Big Dreams 2016

by ChildFund Alliance / Reports

When ChildFund Alliance set out to survey children around the world about their views on school and education, we expected them to tell us that going to school is important. We were thrilled when a definitive 98% of the 6,000-plus 10- to 12-year-olds we talked to said that education is, indeed, important to them.