Child-Friendly Accountability in the Context of Target 16.2 of the SDGs: Recommended Methodology

by Diana Quick / Tools/Guidelines

ChildFund Alliance’s Child-friendly Accountability initiative aims to improve the child protection system at the local, regional and national level. It will ensure that children and youth are able to monitor and improve local protection systems by building their knowledge, supporting them in identifying protection gaps and facilitating direct action or advocacy with their communities to address these gaps.

Counting Pennies: A Review of Official Development Assistance to End Violence Against Children

by ChildFund Alliance, End Violence Against Children, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages, UNICEF, World Vision and SRSG on Ending Violence against Children / Reports

For the first time, a review of official development assistance (ODA) to end violence against children has been done. The report "Counting Pennies: A review of official development assistance to end violence against children" found that in 2015, total ODA spending was $174 billion and of that, less than 0.6 percent was allocated to ending violence against children. This amounts to less than $0.65 per child in aid-receiving countries to end this scourge that affects more than one billion children every year.