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Child Friendly Accountability

Children and adults were invited to use the Child Friendly Accountability methodology and toolkit as a way to learn about child protection mechanisms in Vietnam and make recommendations to local authorities.

ChildFund Swipe Safe

ChildFund Swipe Safe is a project aimed at preventing online abuse and exploitation of children. Swipe Safe is working to enhance the skills and knowledge of teenagers to enable to access and use the internet in a safe and effective way.

ChildFund Alliance - Toward a Safe World for Children

ChildFund Alliance is a global network of 11 child-focused development organizations working in more than 60 countries. This video provides an overview of our network, our key priorities and joint initiatives. It is available with subtitles in English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Swedish.

ChildFund at work around the world

ChildFund Alliance members work in more than 60 countries around the world and conduct advocacy at the global level. Watch our short video to see ChildFund in action.

Irregular Child Migration in Central America PICMCA

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) is leading a $15.2-million regional project in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua, designed to improve the well-being of children and youth who are at risk of irregular migration. The Government of Canada is contributing $12.6 million to the four-year project. The initiative addresses a number of the root causes that fuel irregular migration — from high levels of crime and violence, limited employment and educational opportunities, to social exclusion and a lack of information on the inherent dangers of migrating without following the normal immigration procedures. For this project, CCFC is partnering with two non-governmental organizations: ChildFund International (USA) and EDUCO (Spain).

See the difference postie bikes make in Cambodia

ChildFund is helping the postie bike make a transformation from humble Aussie battler to poverty-battling beacon of joy for children in Cambodia.

Så här funkar det att vara fadder (Barnfonden informational video_In SWEDISH)

Som fadder i Barnfonden hjälper du utsatta barn att få det bättre, idag och i generationer framöver. Du stödjer insatser inom hälsa, utbildning och försörjning och du hjälper oss att skydda barnen mot våld och utnyttjande i deras vardag.

Cristal Marcos, a passionate advocate on children's right to protection

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