Drought in Ethiopia

It is an old enemy - and he is back with full force: Ethiopia groans under the worst drought for 30 years. The fields are withered, people have to walk for hours to the nearest water station, cattle breeders sell their animals far below value before they die. The country, which has made great progress recently, is brutally reminded that 80% of the inhabitants still depend on agriculture. If the rain lasts, its existence is threatened. ChildFund not only provides emergency aid, but also enables people to secure their natural livelihoods in the long term, and creates opportunities for employment that do not harm the environment. We rely on a force that is often underestimated: women who have the will to change because they are tired of seeing their children go hungry. Dead land that needs to be abandoned, families falling into misery in droughts, malnourished children who can not go to school - all this can be a thing of the past. Help us to shape the future in Ethiopia!

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