Alliance Initiatives

We worked with Terre des Hommes’ (TdH) Children on the Move project to provide services to refugee children in Greece.

TdH is providing services to refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers in northern Greece. ChildFund Alliance members are providing financial and technical support.

More than 48,000 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are trapped in Greece. Approximately 45% are children, many of whom are there without parents or family members.

The refugee camps are severely overcrowded and unsanitary. There are reports of violence, including trafficking and rape.

ChildFund Alliance is supporting the following projects in the four sites where TdH is operating:

  • Child-friendly spaces
  • Recreational activities
  • Informal learning activities
  • Sessions (individual and group) with a psychologist
  • Structured activities (psychosocial/creative) for children, by age group (ages 5 to 14).

ChildFund Alliance also plans to provide training and/or operational support.

Download: The need to protect children on the move