ChildFund Deutschland in Senegal

ChildFund Deutschland has been present in Senegal since 1985 with sponsorship programs. At present, 21 joint projects are being supported – in both rural and urban areas. The children's aid programs cover nutrition, health care, education and family income protection.

The Message of Health in Senegal

Part of the nationwide Community Health component of USAID’s current Health Program (PSSC), Oumy’s health hut is one of  2,553 like it and 1,674 outreach sites (for areas where there are no health huts) throughout Senegal’s 14 regions. These health huts and outreach sites link more than 9 million people — 70 percent of the country’s population, especially those in the most remote areas — to Senegal’s health system. Staffed by about 17,000 trained community health workers (CHWs) nationwide, these locally based efforts are possible through a five-year, $40 million cooperative agreement from USAID that started in 2011.

With this support, ChildFund International leads a consortium that includes partners like Plan International, Catholic Relief Services, Africare, World Vision and two Senegalese organizations, Enda Graf Sahel and Enda Sante to carry out the project. ChildFund and the team of the USAID Community Health component collaborated with Senegal’s government to develop its National Community Health Strategy, which formalized the inclusion of health huts as part of the nationwide health system, and is now working with the Ministry of Health to implement that plan.

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