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With Childfund, Neelam Makhijani Aims to Create a Better Tomorrow for Children

Neelam Makhijani, CEO of ChildFund India

ChildFund International Joins World Cup Campaign to #PassTheHappiness to Teens Where It’s Needed Most

15-year-old boy in green shorts and t-shirt kicks a football (soccer ball) made of twine 15-year-old boy in green shorts and t-shirt kicks a football (soccer ball) made of twine

Pursuing a Global Vision to End Violence Against Children

Pursuing a global vision to end violence against children Patrick (center, back row) visits San Miguel school.

Girls Score a Goal to End Child Marriage in India

Raniya (left, in green), playing defense in her favorite game: soccer. Raniya joined the team as part of her participation in ChildFund’s Mind Without Fear project, which promotes gender equality in rural Jharkhand, India. Her friends in the program helped her stand up to her parents when they tried to arrange her marriage at age 15.

Former Sponsored Child Speaks for Her Peers on Global Stage

Angie is wearing a red sweater and jeans. She is standing behind a lectern and speaking into a microphone. Behind her is a poster that says "End Violence against Children" Angie presents at the Solutions Summit to an audience of government and UN officials, international NGOs, national delegates and fellow youth.

TOGETHER Empowers Children With Disabilities and Families in Hard-To-Reach Rural Areas in Sri Lanka

young girl with disability

Emergency in the Philippines: 9,000 Children Affected by the Eruption of Mayon Volcano

Eruption of Mayon Volcano Rhadyz Barcia/Reuters

HOPE in Papua New Guinea

A group of 25 men and women in Papua New Guinea standing together after completing their human rights training. These human rights defenders have been trained to intervene in sexual violence cases and encourage survivors and families to seek legal justice and medical attention.

Keeping Kids Safe Online in Australia and Beyond

An Asian girl, about 10 years old, in a green jacket looks at her bright green smart phone. Internet access in Asia is being driven by cheap technology and even cheaper data, making it affordable for even poor communities.

Working Together Benefits Children With Disabilities in Hard-To-Reach Areas

3 young girls in Sri Lanka, about 10 years old, sit in a row. The one on the left has a disability.

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