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230 Million “Invisible” Children: No Birth Certificate, No Rights

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Team Tomatoes: Playing Rugby and Learning Essential Life Skills

A smiling Vietnamese girl in a green t-shirt over a red shirt holds up her hand in victory Kim Chi, playing rugby for team Tomatoes

World Rugby and ChildFund ‘Pass It Back’ to Change Children’s Lives Through Sport

A Life Dedicated to Children: Joern Ziegler, ChildFund Deutschland CEO and CEO Forum Co-Chair

Finding “Hope at Home” for Vulnerable Children

A teenage boy in a white t-shirt, black apron and black baker's hat stands at a table preparing food to sell.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour a Big Hit in Philippines

A smiling man in a green shirt and green hat holds a rugby ball while a smiling woman in a green shirt looks on. ChildFund Pass It Back in the Philippines

Saving Children’s Lives With a ‘Yellow Carpet’

A girl and a boy student in school uniform stand on a painted yellow triangle that shows drivers where the crosswalk is so the children can cross the road safely. There is a red "don't walk" sign above them. There is a mural of a castle and a rainbow behind them. Students waiting to cross the street stand on a 'yellow carpet.'

Is the World Making Effective Change for All?

Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America (PICMCA)

Boy Sells Baked Goods

ChildFund International to Serve Children Still Separated from Families at the U.S. Border

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