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ChildFund Responds to Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency

Photo from Indonesia National Displacement and Protection Cluster

230 Million “Invisible” Children: No Birth Certificate, No Rights

© Un Enfant par la Main

Team Tomatoes: Playing Rugby and Learning Essential Life Skills

A smiling Vietnamese girl in a green t-shirt over a red shirt holds up her hand in victory Kim Chi, playing rugby for team Tomatoes

World Rugby and ChildFund ‘Pass It Back’ to Change Children’s Lives Through Sport

A Life Dedicated to Children: Joern Ziegler, ChildFund Deutschland CEO and CEO Forum Co-Chair

Finding “Hope at Home” for Vulnerable Children

A teenage boy in a white t-shirt, black apron and black baker's hat stands at a table preparing food to sell.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour a Big Hit in Philippines

A smiling man in a green shirt and green hat holds a rugby ball while a smiling woman in a green shirt looks on. ChildFund Pass It Back in the Philippines

Saving Children’s Lives With a ‘Yellow Carpet’

A girl and a boy student in school uniform stand on a painted yellow triangle that shows drivers where the crosswalk is so the children can cross the road safely. There is a red "don't walk" sign above them. There is a mural of a castle and a rainbow behind them. Students waiting to cross the street stand on a 'yellow carpet.'

Is the World Making Effective Change for All?

Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America (PICMCA)

Boy Sells Baked Goods

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