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Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America

Barnfonden’s Support of Projects in Indonesia and Ethiopia Focus on Education and Intervention to Drive Change on the Ground

230 million “invisible” children: No birth certificate, no rights

© Un Enfant par la Main

Saving children’s lives with a ‘yellow carpet’

A girl and a boy student in school uniform stand on a painted yellow triangle that shows drivers where the crosswalk is so the children can cross the road safely. There is a red "don't walk" sign above them. There is a mural of a castle and a rainbow behind them. Students waiting to cross the street stand on a 'yellow carpet.'

Girls score a goal to end child marriage in India

Raniya (left, in green), playing defense in her favorite game: soccer. Raniya joined the team as part of her participation in ChildFund’s Mind Without Fear project, which promotes gender equality in rural Jharkhand, India. Her friends in the program helped her stand up to her parents when they tried to arrange her marriage at age 15.

Going beyond immediate needs: A commitment to rebuilding after the Nepal earthquake

Nepal earthquake aftermath Nepal was struck by two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015. (c) Jake Lyell

The sweetest gift is not always the one you think

Power to the People

Makeshift huts with elephant dung in foreground, Luangwa, Zambia

Stay cold or stay hungry? An agonizing choice for displaced mothers in Ukraine

Joern Ziegler, Managing Director of ChildFund Deutschland, meets with a family living in a camp for internally displaced people that is supported by the German development agency GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation). ChildFund offers various activities for the children who are living in very difficult conditions here. © Yellow-Blue Wings

Popular meetings promote sexual and reproductive health

Popular meetings promote sexual and reproductive health

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