ChildFund International and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada launch joint drought response in Ethiopia

by ChildFund International & Christian Children's Fund of Canada / Reports

The failure of two rainy seasons in Ethiopia has put the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the country’s southern and eastern lowland areas at risk. ChildFund International and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada are combining their efforts to address the impact of the current drought on the lives and livelihoods of drought-affected people.

International Aid Towards Ending Violence Against Children Deeply Lacking, First-Ever Study Shows

by ChildFund International / Statements

Richmond, Va. (June 08, 2017) – Out of every dollar the world spends on development assistance, only half a penny supports efforts to end violence against children, according to a new study, Counting Pennies. Commissioned by ChildFund Alliance and others, the study evaluates official development assistance (ODA) — government aid to promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries — targeted towards preventing and responding to violence against children.

On the Migrants’ Trail (Part One): In Search of a New Life

by Julien Anseau, Global Communications Manager, ChildFund International / Blog

Julien, who has worked with ChildFund in Asia and specialises in emergency communications, joined our assessment team as they travelled through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia earlier this year, documenting the needs of migrants and asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, particularly children and youth. This is the first of Julien’s reports from the field.

Thousands of Afghans, Iraqis and Syrians are fleeing their war-torn countries and embarking on a perilous journey to Europe seeking refuge and a better life. In Izmir, a western port city of more than 2 million people in Turkey, many throng the streets, desperate to get to Greece — the entrance to the European Union.

On the Migrants’ Trail (Part Three): Reaching Serbia

by Julien Anseau, Global Communications Manager, ChildFund International / Blog

At least four trains arrive daily in Tabanovce, a Macedonian refugee camp near the Serbian border. But when we arrive, it’s deserted. The place feels eerie and empty, showing the transient nature of migrant camps.

Most migrants coming through here arrived from Greece, their landing point in Europe; they pass through Macedonia to Serbia and then, if they’re fortunate, on to Germany and other western European countries. Others take a route through north-western Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. Both roads are well known to smugglers, who often make the journeys possible — at a steep cost.

On the Migrants’ Trail (Part Two): Children Traveling Without Parents

by Julien Anseau, Global Communications Manager, ChildFund International / Blog

Since the events described here, in the past week violence has broken out in Idomeni, Greece, because of a bottleneck caused by Macedonia’s new daily cap on the number of migrants allowed into the country, as well as other restrictions. Thousands are now stranded in Idomeni and nearby camps, causing serious tension and questions about what will happen next.