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Keeping kids safe online: in Australia and beyond

An Asian girl, about 10 years old, in a green jacket looks at her bright green smart phone. Internet access in Asia is being driven by cheap technology and even cheaper data, making it affordable for even poor communities.

Working TOGETHER benefits children with disabilities in hard-to-reach areas

3 young girls in Sri Lanka, about 10 years old, sit in a row. The one on the left has a disability.

A fond farewell to Michael Kiely, outgoing CEO of ChildFund Ireland

Mick Kiely is shaking hands with a group of African men and women who are standing in a line. Michael Kiely, CEO of ChildFund Ireland,

Member spotlight features ChildFund's response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal

A little girl walks across the rubble of a building destroyed by the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. Nepal was struck by two devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015. (c) Jake Lyell

Children shouldn’t be leaving their homeland alone

Los niños desempeñan un papel fundamental en la protección de la infancia

Los participantes en un proyecto piloto de Rendición de cuentas adaptada a la infancia en Paraguay pintan un mural para ilustrar los derechos de la infancia.

Children play a critical role in child protection

Participants in a Child-friendly Accountability pilot project in Paraguay painted a mural to illustrate children’s rights.

Cancillería y Fundación EDUCO presentan proyecto “Prevención de la Migración Irregular de la Niñez en Centroamérica y México”, denominado CONFÍO

posters showing the dangers faced by youth forced to flee violence in Central America

Governments need to take action as 9 out of 10 children living in extreme poverty will be in Africa by 2030

group of children

Putting Children First: identifying solutions and taking action to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa

african family sitting outside