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Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy Tour a big hit in Philippines

A smiling man in a green shirt and green hat holds a rugby ball while a smiling woman in a green shirt looks on. ChildFund Pass It Back in the Philippines

ChildFund Alliance welcomes Kevin Hyland as CEO of ChildFund Ireland

Kevin Hyland. Photo Credit: Jeremy Young, Wikipedia Commons

Microsoft helps Vietnam protect children in cyberspace

Poster made by children in ChildFund Vietnam's Swipe Safe project

Is the world making effective change for all?

Urgent: Recommendations for the Reunification of Separated Children with Their Families

The Alliance Logo

Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Central America (PICMCA)

Boy Sells Baked Goods

UN: Child Rights Violators Put on Notice that Abuses Must End

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ChildFund International to Serve Children Still Separated from Families at the U.S. Border

With ChildFund, Neelam Makhijani aims to create a better tomorrow for children

Neelam Makhijani, CEO of ChildFund India

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