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ChildFund Alliance signs joint letter to the European Council on children’s rights urging them to implement measures to protect migrant and refugee children

ChildFund supports Terre des Hommes’s work for child refugees in Europe

ChildFund is providing food and support for families in Ethiopia

ChildFund supporting European refugees

Nauru Files: ChildFund Australia responds to latest reports of child abuse

Educo launches a campaign to protect children from violence

Ending FGM and violence against young girls in Ethiopia

ChildFund Alliance releases “Toward a Safe World for Children: Five-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021”

© Jake Lyell - Elina, 9, Elizabeth, 9 and Mwelwa, 11 play games outside in Chibombo, Zambia

ChildFund Alliance Launches Child-Friendly Accountability Initiative

ChildFund International honored by the Clinton Global Initiative