What do kids love most about school?

A survey of 6,000 10- to 12-year-olds reveals how children view education

By Bonar Bell, communications manager, Canada

MARKHAM, Ont. — Your kids may not like school, but they understand its value, according to a recent global survey of more than 6,000 children. 

“I love going to school, because I can make friends and can learn new things to become a powerful person like a prime minister,” said Niron, 10, who was surveyed in Cambodia.

The Small Voices, Big Dreams report, released today by ChildFund Alliance and Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), shares the opinions of 10- to 12-year-olds from 41 countries who agree: education is important. 

The survey shows children around the world love school; albeit, for very different reasons. For children in developing countries, more than half said ‘learning new things’ was their favourite part of school. Whereas in Canada, spending time with friends was what kids said they loved most about the institution (58 percent).

Children also weighed in on barriers to a safe educational experience. Physical needs, such as a well-constructed and clean school building, was a priority for respondents in developing countries, but for nearly half of the children (47 percent) who responded in Canada, a safe school means kids aren’t at risk of physical or emotional violence, such as bullying. 

In the countries where CCFC works, some results were eye-opening. In Burkina Faso, for example, one in five children reported they never feel safe at school, while, in Paraguay, 95 percent of children said their school is always safe. 

Now, it’s up to all of us to listen to their voices and take action to keep children safe. Visit facebook.com/ccfc and twitter.com/ccfcanada to learn more about the issues children face and to spread the word about their plight.

Learning should be fun: Niron, 10, lives in Cambodia, where more than four in five children said their school isn’t always safe

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