EU must prioritise children at international Financing for Development conference, say ChildFund Alliance

BRUSSELS, 25 June 2015 – Child focused aid agencies are calling for the EU to lead by example during negotiations taking place in New York on a new global development framework, and to ensure investments in children are prioritised in a document to be agreed at a UN Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July.

At a formal breakfast event taking place in Brussels this morning involving EU institutions, EU Member State representatives, Members of the European Parliament and child-focused agencies, World Vision and ChildFund are calling on the EU to secure an international commitment to adequate resources for children’s well-being and protection in Addis Ababa, in order to build confidence around the new Sustainable Development Goals.

According to World Vision Brussels Director of Advocacy, Deirdre de Burca, an important aim of the comprehensive, universal and potentially transformative SDG framework is to create a world free of hunger and extreme poverty within a generation, a world where human potential is valued, invested in, and developed.
“It is clear that investing in children in particular will need to be a major focus of the SDG framework if the kind of poverty, inequality, violence, and exploitation that disfigure and often destroy the lives of so many children around the world are to be effectively tackled.” she says.

Global Operations Manager for the ChildFund Alliance, Solène Edouard, is calling on EU leaders to ensure that within Financing for Development, the protection of children from violence and exploitation is prioritized along with survival and development. According to Edouard, investment in child protection has been clearly established as an essential building block of sustainable development at European and global levels.

“It is now time to deliver on these commitments,” says Edouard. “In a study commissioned by ChildFund Alliance, the Overseas Development Institute estimated that the global cost of physical, psychological, and sexual violence against children can be as high as 6,2 trillion EUR. This is why the EU should support the establishment of a new global partnership to protect children from all forms of violence, exploitation, and abuse, as part of the post-2015 development agenda”

World Vision and the ChildFund Alliance are also calling for efforts to end poverty to be focused on the most vulnerable children, including those living in fragile and conflict- affected states.