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Child Friendly Accountability inaugurated at Rashtriya Seva Samithi

An Indian woman sitting at a table speaks into a microphone The launch of ChildFund India's child-friendly accountability project.

‘Solutions Summit’ highlights need for research to end violence by 2030

Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children, addresses the Solutions Summit. (c) Jessica Gow

Sierra Leone News: Appealing to youth to prevent election violence

The flag of Sierra Leone consists of three horizontal green, white and blue bands.

Putting Children First: identifying solutions and taking action to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa

african family sitting outside

Ravaging drought takes heavy toll on Kenyan women, children

A woman scoops water in a dry riverbed near Kataboi village in remote Turkana in northern Kenya. (c) Marisol Grandon/Department for International Development

Rwanda: Childfund Rwanda Opens a Preschool in Jabana Sector

'Pass It Back' Cup in Belfast proves inspirational

Girls like these traveled to Belfast to play in the Pass It Back Cup.

Telephone counseling saves lives

ChildFund Papua New Guinea's telephone counseling service received more than 5,000 calls last year. Photo by Vlad Sokhin.

There are significant economic benefits for developing nations by sending children to school instead of work

Young boys work as porters instead of going to school in Darjeeling, India. Photo by Pavel Svoboda Photography
  1. ChildFund India is combating child labour, trafficking, and marriage across 14 states

    ChildFund combats grave issues like child marriage, child trafficking, and child labour by providing parents with livelihood opportunities while working with the government machinery, as t…

  2. Philippines Rugby gets ready for 1st ChildFund Pass It Back Cup

    CHILDFUND Pass It Back (, an innovative sport for development program managed by ChildFund and partnering…

  3. Gambia: Childfund Country Director Assures Promotion, Protection of Children in Gambia

    Toms Shoes donates 53,000 pairs of shoes to support the education-related work of ChildFund The Gambia 

  4. Q&A: Richard Geeves on the challenges and possibilities for education in Myanmar

    During its long history of political upheaval and conflict, Myanmar didn’t prioritize education — and its effects are still being felt today. In the 2016 …

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