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'Unrecognised crisis': 160km from Australia, women in serious danger

'Unrecognised crisis': 160km from Australia, women in serious danger Pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic at a rural health center in Papua New Guinea

Congress Introduces Resolution to End Violence Against Children Worldwide

Congress Introduces Resolution to End Violence Against Children Worldwide

Child Fund presents TOM Shoes to MOBSE (The Gambia)

8 Gambian students (1 boy, 7 girls) in green school uniforms holding up books @ChildFund The Gambia

All that glitters is not gold: Bangle-making units in Uttar Pradesh still use small hands

Indian bangles are often made, in part, by children. (c) mckaysavage

Dial for help: The surprise hotline helping quake survivors in Papua New Guinea

Map of Papua New Guinea showing where earthquake hit in February 2018

Majority support for Australia's overseas aid: poll

3 boys about 10 years old in Myanmar sit on a bench looking at the viewer. ChildFund Australia supports programs in Myanmar to keep boys like these in school.

Anne Lynam Goddard: Adults must help to protect children from gun violence

Anne Lynam Goddard

Child Friendly Accountability inaugurated at Rashtriya Seva Samithi

An Indian woman sitting at a table speaks into a microphone The launch of ChildFund India's child-friendly accountability project.

‘Solutions Summit’ highlights need for research to end violence by 2030

Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children, addresses the Solutions Summit. (c) Jessica Gow

Sierra Leone News: Appealing to youth to prevent election violence

The flag of Sierra Leone consists of three horizontal green, white and blue bands.
  1. Putting Children First: identifying solutions and taking action to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa

    As a member of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, ChildFund is participating in the Putting Children First conference, October 23-35 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. …

  2. Ravaging drought takes heavy toll on Kenyan women, children

    NAIROBI, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Antonia Lelokong, a 28-year-old widow, bears the scorching sun in a small village in northern Kenya as she waited for her turn in the queue to receive her f…

  3. Rwanda: Childfund Rwanda Opens a Preschool in Jabana Sector

    A preschool in Jabana sector under the auspices of ChildFund Rwanda was yesterday opened at Groupe Scholarie Jabana to help children and parents in building a good foundation in the socializat…

  4. 'Pass It Back' Cup in Belfast proves inspirational

    Earlier this week girls from Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines took part in the ChildFund Pass It Back Belfast Cup at Belfast Harlequins RFC, competing against girls from across Ulster with a …

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