All that glitters is not gold: Bangle-making units in Uttar Pradesh still use small hands

FIROZABAD: They sat crouched for hours by a burner, inhaling toxic fumes while their deft fingers picked up and moulded the ends of glittering bangles.

No longer, though.

Indian bangles are often made, in part, by children. (c) mckaysavage

Dev Pratap Singh, 23, formerly a child worker in a bangle-making unit, is a clay artiste who recently delivered a TEDx talk.

Manoj Shankhwar, 24, is a BJP councillor in a municipal ward, and a noted singer and orator.

The two were rescued and rehabilitated by NGO ChildFund.

Read how ChildFund India is working to end child labor. This article appeared in The New Indian Express (13 May 2018)