Ravaging drought takes heavy toll on Kenyan women, children

NAIROBI, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Antonia Lelokong, a 28-year-old widow, bears the scorching sun in a small village in northern Kenya as she waited for her turn in the queue to receive her food ration.

A woman scoops water in a dry riverbed near Kataboi village in remote Turkana in northern Kenya. (c) Marisol Grandon/Department for International Development

The mother of two has since February been relying on these food rations to feed her young family as the region has been listed among the worst drought-hit in the East African country.

Lelokong is among thousands of women and children who have been put on relief assistance in the region as Kenya experienced two consecutive seasons of failed rains in 2016.

"Were it not for the relief assistance [from ChildFund Kenya], my children would have starved to death. I lost my husband a few months ago so I don't have anyone to depend on," said Lelokong with her two children in tow and an infant strapped on her back.

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