Hawke's Bay locals like giving goats as presents

They're difficult to wrap, but Hawke's Bay locals are realising that goats make great Christmas presents.

In the past decade, the "generous people" of the Bay have gifted 198 goats to families in developing countries through ChildFund New Zealand's Gifts that Grow catalogue, with over 8000 purchased across the country as a whole.

A young Kenyan boy with a goat his family received from ChildFund New Zealand. A young Kenyan boy with a goat his family received from ChildFund New Zealand.

ChildFund New Zealand chief executive Paul Brown extends his heartfelt thanks to the people in Hawke's Bay for truly making a difference to children and their families living in poverty in Zambia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

"When you give a goat as a gift this Christmas you can help to lift a child out of poverty. For a family in a developing country, a goat represents so much more than a pet. As well as providing a valuable food source for families to feed their children, it also enables the family to earn an income and create a sustainable future, free from poverty," says Mr Brown.

Priced at just $50, this year ChildFund would like to see 1000 goats purchased as alternative gifts throughout New Zealand, and become a Christmas best seller.

"In New Zealand we have around 50,000 goats as both pets and farm animals, and world-wide they have become an internet sensation with numerous Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to them. But, goats really do make great gifts.

"Essential items such as milk are expensive and hard to come by in rural areas in countries like Kenya. A single goat can provide a family with up to 5 litres of milk per day, a food source rich in vitamins and minerals and that is easy to digest for growing children.

"ChildFund's commitment to providing training on improved farming practices also means the goats can provide an income to the families. They are relatively easy to rear and breed, giving families the opportunity to sell surplus milk and animals to provide a better future for their children."

For more information visit childfund.org.nz or call 0800 223 111. Purchasers receive a special gift card explaining the gift and how it will benefit the recipient, and also get a 'gift back' via a full tax credit.