Member spotlight: ChildFund Deutschland's critical work in Ukraine

Since 2004, ChildFund Deutschland (Germany) has been working on behalf of children and youth in Ukraine with two partners, Child Wellbeing Fund Ukraine and the East Europe Foundation. 

In 2014, it began providing humanitarian emergency response for internally displaced families and children (IDPs). Today, ChildFund is collaborating with more than half a dozen partner organizations in Ukraine.

Joern Ziegler, Managing Director of ChildFund Deutschland, meets with a family living in a camp for internally displaced people that is supported by the German development agency GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation). ChildFund offers various activities for the children who are living in very difficult conditions here. © Yellow-Blue Wings

In July 2017, Joern Ziegler, Managing Director of ChildFund Deutschland, went to eastern Ukraine to monitor some of these programs and to visit some of their partner organizations. Here he reflects on his first visit to Ukraine since February 2015.

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