Renewed Focus and New Goals Must Make Child Protection a Priority

The President and CEO of ChildFund International, Anne Goddard comments on UNICEF’s Progress for Children report about the MDGs and points out what remains to be done for children in the future.

Anne Goddard Last month, UNICEF’s most recent Progress for Children report provided a sobering reminder of the many challenges that remain in building a world that is safe, healthy and hopeful for the poorest children. While the report acknowledges the tremendous strides that have been taken over the past 15 years through the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs — a collective commitment among governments across the globe to address such issues as maternal health, child mortality and primary education — Progress cautions us with this dose of reality: Not only do we still have a long way to go toward reaching children in the most extreme poverty, but without a renewed and expanded resolve to do so, there is also a very real risk that years of progress will be erased and new generations of children will fall victim to the pernicious cycle of poverty that so many have worked hard to disrupt. Read the full story here.