ChildFund Superhero Santas Bring Joy to Children in Korea

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “Santa Expedition” campaign

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Over the recent holidays, ChildFund Korea brought joy to more than 8,000 children who might otherwise have had a lonely Christmas.

While for many people Christmas is a season filled with love and generosity, some children are isolated and lonely. That's why ChildFund Korea launched “Masked Santa” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its “Santa Expedition” campaign. Santas, dressed in ChildFund-green costumes, wore masks to become superheroes with courage and psychic powers to help children.

Campaign Poster for "Santa Expedition"

korea1ChildFund Korea is one of the most influential international nongovernmental organizations in the Republic of Korea working for the welfare of children. For the past 10 years, it has had a special campaign to benefit children across the country. The poster says “’Masked Santa’: We are going to every child, whether they cry or smile.”

pic 3Survey on gifts children want for Children's day. Source: 2016 “Santa Expedition”

Children from low-income families first and foremost requested home appliances as gifts for Christmas. They placed their own wishes behind their families’ needs, such as washing machines for their mothers or paying hospital bills for their parents or siblings. Other children asked for smartphones above all else.

More than 200 volunteers came to ChildFund Korea headquarters in Seoul to wrap presents for children; many more participated in events across the country. The gift packages included gloves, hats, socks and earmuffs. The volunteers also wrote messages of hope for the children. Volunteers, sponsors and employees of ChildFund Korea delivered the gifts directly to children and child shelters.

pic 4200 Santas packing Christmas gifts for children.

pic 5200 Santas packing Christmas gifts for children.

How “Santa Expedition” works


The campaign was carried out in 27 branch offices of ChildFund Korea, and many celebrities, including singers and comedians, participated. More than 8,000 children from around the country met the superhero Santas after writing letters outlining their hopes.

pic 8Jinsol Kim, one of the winners of the 2016 Miss Korea Beauty Contest, holding a Santa Claus doll.

pic 2Singer Dong-wan Kim, a ChildFund Korea celebrity donor