WeWorld in Afghanistan

Children and families in Afghanistan have experienced over 40 years of prolonged crisis and war, impoverishment, disintegration of the rule of law, and systematic exclusion of women from social, economic, and public life.

WeWorld has worked in Afghanistan since 2017, implementing projects aimed at strengthening civil society and human rights, with a particular focus on initiatives to support women and girls.

It is estimated that more than two million women in Afghanistan are war widows. Many of them are the poorest of the poor, illiterate, forced to beg to survive, and risking their lives daily, as the Taliban has banned women from leaving the house without a male guardian.

WeWorld, through our local partner RRAA, provides support to single women and their children in Herat, to guarantee them access to food. This project is supported ChildFund Korea, ChildFund New Zealand, ChildFund Deutschland, ChildFund Australia, Barnfonden, and EDUCO.