ChildFund International in India

The story of India is one of growth, gains and gaps. Over the past two decades, India has witnessed accelerated economic growth, emerging as the world’s fourth-largest economy, although the benefits still elude a large segment of its people. Nearly 30 percent of India's population - more than 372 million people - live below the world poverty line, but at the same time, the nation has a growing middle class with more career and educational options than ever before.

In terms of broad achievements, polio has nearly been eradicated, and India has seen increases in literacy rates and primary school enrollment. But there has been limited change in the practice of key behaviors related to child well-being, such as exclusive and early breastfeeding, immunization, hygiene, and sanitation. Also, child labor, early marriage, gender-based violence, and other issues related to child protection continue to be major challenges. Children in poor communities, whether urban or rural, lack many resources necessary to reach their full potential.

ChildFund has served children in India since 1951.