Lori Perkovich

Lori Perkovich joined ChildFund Alliance in March 2019 as the organization’s Representative to the United Nations. In this role, she advocates on behalf of children to United Nations Member States and United Nations agencies to ensure children’s rights are upheld and their voices heard. As ChildFund Alliance’s UN Representative, Lori works to strengthen and expand relationships with UNICEF, child-focused organizations, and other partners.

Ms. Perkovich previously worked as a Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Plan International, where she advocated for the rights of adolescent girls in humanitarian and conflict situations. She was a member of Plan’s emergency deployment roster, and coordinated youth participation and activities at the United Nations.

While working for the Global Network of Women Peace builders (GNWP), Ms. Perkovich advocated for implementation of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agendas, both in country and at the United Nations. She worked on peace processes, gender equality, and youth initiatives focusing on capacity building and participation, with a regional focus on Africa.

She holds an MS in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Relations and Gender Specialization, from New York University’s (NYU) Center for Global Affairs.