Children Need Help During Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Children and families throughout Ukraine are suffering greatly in the wake of Russia’s invasion. Hundreds of thousands have fled, an unknown number have been killed, and many remain in hiding following substantial shelling and bombing.

As Russia continues to strike key cities in Ukraine, the humanitarian cost of the invasion steadily increases. U.S. officials estimate such a large-scale attack could result in 50,000 casualties and displace up to 5 million people1. Imagine being a child swept up in this crisis.

childfund stands with ukraine 01For almost 20 years, our member organization ChildFund Deutschland has worked in Ukraine and is now acting quickly to provide emergency aid to children and their families.

childfund stands with ukraine 02Since 2004, they have been supporting children going through cancer treatment, helping children from the state regulated regions of Donetsk and Luhansk recover from earlier war traumas, and organizing training classes in the eastern Ukrainian city Mariupol when poor hygiene during meal preparation interrupted learning when children fell ill. Now war is keeping them from attending school once again.

All members of ChildFund Alliance wish for a secure future, so children can once again go to school and live a life free from violence. Our members stand in solidarity with Ukraine and will continue to do so. Your support to ChildFund Deutschland will help them continue to deliver emergency relief and keep children safe as the crisis unfolds. You also can visit our member page with links to member websites to learn about their efforts to support children in Ukraine. Your help is much needed!