ChildFund Ireland

ChildFund Ireland works to nurture and improve the living conditions and fundamental rights of children in the developing world, providing them with better access to education and supporting their journey into adulthood.

Grants from governmental, institutional and corporate donors, and from fundraising, enable our work to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.   We operate a range of programmes to assist children’s lives in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uganda, thanks to the generous support of the Irish Government, through its global development body, Irish Aid.

We offer child sponsorship in the following countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zambia. Sponsorship benefits not only the target child but their immediate family and their wider community too.  

ChildFund Ireland increases public awareness and understanding of global development and social justice issues, particularly the right of children to be free from violence and exploitation. We undertake public awareness activities and provide a development education program for primary level schools to increase children’s understanding of issues that affect children universally.

In 2015 ChildFund entered into a partnership with the Camogie association, a major Irish sporting organisation for girls and young women. The partnership aims to develop awareness and support for our programme work overseas amongst camogie’s 100,000 supporter base, and the wider Irish public.