Coach: Diep

September 4, 2018 by ChildFund Alliance
  • Name: Diep
  • Gender: Female
  • Role: Coach
  • Location: Vietnam

Diep is a Bronze Coach from Du Sang Commune, Kim Boi District. “When the project first came to the commune, my husband and I were quite hesitant to let our son participate; we thought that it might not be of much benefit for him.

“It was not until the second player recruitment that we allowed him to join. I then decided to apply to become a coach too, partially to understand more what ChildFund Pass It Back is about.

“My husband did not agree. He thought that women have a responsibility to stay at home and take care of the kids. But I did not give up, and insisted that it was my choice.”

By joining the project, Diep became more aware of her own interests, and those of her children. Now, she can see how the project benefits children in disadvantaged areas. She talked to her husband and the family about the benefits of the program, as well as her own rights to learn new things and to participate in social activities.

Diep’s husband has seen how her involvement in the program has been positive, and is no longer reluctant to see her participate. He says her way of thinking is more positive, and she feels happy with what she has. In the area where Diep lives, the idea that males are more important than females in society is still deeply rooted among community members. So for her, fighting for every girl’s right to play is really important. She says: “If possible, I want to devote myself to these activities and help children enjoy the benefits of their childhood, especially young girls.”