CEO Forum

The CEO Forum forms the senior management team of the ChildFund Alliance, providing operational leadership and coordination. It has the primary role of supporting the Secretary General to execute the ChildFund Alliance strategic plan.

The CEO Forum comprises the CEOs of the member organizations.

Member OrganizationNamePosition
Barnfonden (Sweden) Anna Svärd Secretary General
ChildFund Australia Nigel Spence CEO
ChildFund Deutschland Joern Ziegler
Antje Becker
CEO Fundraising/Communication
ChildFund International, USA Anne Lynam Goddard President and CEO
ChildFund Japan Katsuhiko Takeda Executive Director
ChildFund Korea Je-Hoon Lee President
ChildFund New Zealand Paul Brown CEO
Christian Children’s Fund of Canada Patrick Canagasingham  CEO
Un Enfant Par La Main (France) Joëlle Sicamois co-CEO
Educo (Spain) Jose M. Faura Vice President & CEO