Educo launches first social laboratory to end violence against children in Spain

April 13, 2023 by Educo

Educo has launched the first social laboratory to tackle violence against children and adolescents in the Spanish education system. This will focus on the creation of original and innovative projects that allow Educo to respond to a range of issues, including violence in the classroom.

“About 25% of boys and girls experience bullying. Spain has become one of the European countries with the most cases of bullying. But the violence goes further, such as abuse within families or sexual abuse. It is clear that we have a serious problem and that, despite recent progress, there is still a long way to go,” explains Educo General Director Pilar Orenes.

She adds: “That is why we want to promote social innovation and find alternative solutions that are effective and have a clear and measurable social impact. We have to detect violence inside and outside the classroom, build spaces where boys and girls feel protected, and promote the positive treatment of young people.”

The social laboratory will also seek to include the views and ideas of children and adolescents.

Supported by Porticus, the social laboratory will undertake face-to-face meetings throughout the year with over twenty specialists. This includes people with educational or legislative expertise, social entities, public institutions, private companies, third sector organizations, journalists, and families. 

Some of the experts include Clara Martínez, vice-rector of the Comillas Pontifical University and a contributor to the iComprehensive Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents from Violence (LOPIVI); Yoni Blanco, director of Kanjo, an artificial intelligence tool that can measure the emotional state of primary school students and detect patterns; and Raimon Novell, commissioner for children’s rights at Maristes l’Hermitage.

The only way to end violence against children and adolescents is for everyone to take responsibility. Ms Orenes adds: “That is why it is important to share knowledge and experience from different areas, which is what we will do in this social laboratory.

“We want a more just and equitable society and the sooner we work on it, the sooner we will achieve it. In this collaboration space, pilot projects will be jointly created that can be implemented effectively and have tangible results in schools and institutes.”  

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