Self-determination offers a way out of poverty

August 1, 2022 by ChildFund Deutschland

More than a billion people have to get by on less than one euro a day. Barely half of the world’s population can live on their income. Millions of children, especially girls, go to work to help their families survive. 

In our projects, we not only ensure basic care for the children and families, but enable them to become independent of financial aid. This includes training young people and supporting women with income-generating measures. 

Milly has a new career ahead

After the death of her father, Milly had to drop out of school because her family could no longer pay the fees. ChildFund Deutschland is making it possible for young people in Uganda to be trained in the construction of energy-saving stoves, including Milly. This has given her a new perspective, and the opportunity to earn money. 

An apprenticeship enables long-term opportunities on the job market and often guarantees a small initial salary after a short induction period. Today Milly is able to lead a self-determined, financially independent life as a stove builder. 

Sulmena creates a new income source

Due to the impact of diseases like HIVAIDS, 20% of all children in western Kenya have grown up without parents, including Sulmena’s grandchildren. 

She gave them a new home, although she could hardly take care of herself. Sulmena was then provided with an opportunity to participate in a ChildFund-supported women’s savings group, which consists of up to 25 people who regularly pay a fixed amount into a community fund.

The savings group gives members access to loans that can be used to establish or expand a small business or trade. Binding rules ensure that everyone contributes appropriately and deals responsibly with the funds granted.

The women support each other as they build their businesses. With an income generated through fishing, Sulmena now has an income that protects her and her grandchildren from hunger and poverty. 

She says: “ChildFund enables me to better care for my grandchildren who have lived with me since the death of their parents. That is really a very good thing!”

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