Rwanda: Childfund Rwanda Opens a Preschool in Jabana Sector

April 12, 2022 by ChildFund Alliance

A preschool in Jabana sector under the auspices of ChildFund Rwanda was yesterday opened at Groupe Scholarie Jabana to help children and parents in building a good foundation in the socialization process as they get prepared for primary education. The school was officially opened during a ceremony that attracted local leaders, officials from ChildFund Rwanda, the Chief Executive Officer of ChildFund Korea, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to Rwanda, parents and Jabana sector residents.

Construction of Jabana Preschool commenced on November 2016 and completed in August 2017, seated on 755.95 sqm and will be able to accommodate one hundred and eight (108) children ranging in ages from four to six. It has ample classrooms, offices, multipurpose hall, kitchen and sanitation facilities for both girls and boys including disabled children.

Being the first preschool in Jabana sector, it is believed it will address some of the challenges schools and teachers were facing in this particular area.

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